WDO derived from the collective desires of many competitors, teachers, coaches, judges, organisers and organisations to have Amateur World Championships and other Competitive Dance Events around the globe with equal opportunity for all dancers.

We are overwhelmed by the support of the profession and would like to thank all of those who have become members and advisors of the WDO. We are delighted and honored to have you on board and to have your wisdom, experience and input.

WDO is based on fairness, integrity, human principle and the belief of liberty for all. WDO is dedicated to supporting dance worldwide through its non-profit organisation. Everyone is free to choose where they want to compete and WDO is here to provide new opportunities worldwide.

WDO is proud to be a member of the CID UNESCO and in connection we strive to follow the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights that is set out in its constitution.

WDO Chairman – Arunas Bizokas
on behalf of Founders and Directors of the WDO